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Are satisfied with the performance of your on-board VHF radio? Do you have the range that you used to have and does the quality still sound as good as you remember? When, if ever, have you had your radio output power and channel frequencies measured? How about that antenna and the cable and connector? Without a good antenna, you have NO radio system!! How old and how good is that battery that powers ALL your boat’s required systems plus the electronic GPS, radios, fishfinder and whatever other equipment is hooked up to it? Also, the radio on your boat must have an FCC license. You don’t need one to operate it, but the boat’s radio license must be up to date with the current owner’s name on it. Call for an appointment and we’ll test, measure and verify your communications system, including battery condition. 

Do you carry 6 or more passengers on your vessel for hire on the Great Lakes?

We provide the necessary inspections and certificates required by the Great Lakes Radio Agreement, The Communications Safety Act, and the Bridge To Bridge Act.

The agreement between the USA and Canada requires a radio inspection be accomplished every 13 months and is an item often checked during Coast Guard Inspections.  FCC fines can be rather heavy.

Call me for an appointment or if you have any questions.  Make sure that your vessel’s Radio License as well as your Marine Radio Operators License haven’t expired.

FCC General Radiotelephone License Since 1955.

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